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emeritaconsulting is an administrative, research, and technical support consultancy that focuses on matching academics' and professionals' existing digital content with new contexts. This service is especially for higher education and other professionals in career transitions such as those associated with retirement or reorganization, as well as with other circumstances. We specialize in supporting those who may have ended a working relationship, but who have not ended their work and who are eager to continue in new and different ways.

Moving out of one's office can be disruptive to one's professional identity. Also disruptive is an interruption to one's access to the products of one's labor. While it is straightforward to pack up one's tangible belongings into a box, packing up one's digital assets for use in the next phase of a career is another story.

Think of us as your organizer—of your digital content—and advisor toward preserving, protecting, and advancing your professional identity over the long-term.